Seek A Protective Order Or Seek Removal Of A Protective Order

Domestic violence, harassment, threats of domestic violence and allegations of such acts are unfortunately common in troubled relationships between:

  • Husbands and wives (spouses)
  • Boyfriends and girlfriends
  • Domestic partners
  • Adult children and their parents
  • Housemates
  • Neighbors

In a time of discord leading up to a divorce or separation, the need for a protective order often develops. Heated arguments, jealousy and other factors often lead to situations where emotions get out of control and someone gets angry, frightened or hurt. If you have been struck or threatened by your significant other, contact an attorney with ample experience in the full range of domestic cases. The Schmook Law Firm in the Tulsa metro area can inform you of your rights in Oklahoma and help you explore options such as:

1. An emergency temporary order
2. An emergency ex parte protective order
3. A final protective order

You may have been in an abusive relationship for some time without realizing that verbal abuse was getting dangerous. A recent sudden disruption in your relationship may have made tempers flare. Whatever your situation, take action and take back your life. Consult with an attorney with ample experience and training in the legal aspects of domestic violence. We can advise you of available domestic violence intervention services. The Schmook Law Firm can pursue a protective order for you without delay.

You may also seek a temporary injunction to protect your bank account, your home and life insurance coverage. Talk to an attorney at our Tulsa metro area family law firm to explore the legal solutions appropriate to your case.

If You Are The One Named In A Protective Order, Get Legal Representation As Soon As Possible

Your spouse may have obtained a protective order banning you from your home and blocking your access to your children. You may be at risk of a criminal record if the situation escalates. Get help defending your side of the story before a judge. Regain access to your house and children. Prevent getting arrested for living your life.

Counsel For The Harmed Partner Or The Accused

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