Put A Guardianship In Place Or Contest A Proposed Guardianship

A wide variety of situations can lead to the need for a guardianship as a legal solution. Guardianships are often used for:

  • Elderly or disabled adults who have been injured or suffer from dementia
  • Vulnerable adults who need someone to manage their financial affairs
  • Children whose parents are out of the picture for some reason and who will be cared for by a grandparent, another relative or someone outside the family

Although this content area is listed under "family law and domestic cases" on this website, courts devoted specifically to guardianship handle these cases in Tulsa and in other metro areas. In smaller communities, one court may handle nearly everything, including guardianships. An Oklahoma attorney with experience in this area of the law can help you establish a guardianship with a clear understanding of the associated rights and responsibilities.

If you are a parent going through or about to go through drug rehabilitation, go to prison or go overseas on a military deployment, your child may need a guardianship. Your parents, a sibling or another responsible adult named as a guardian will be able to assume a parental role. The guardian can take your child to the doctor, enroll him or her in school and otherwise make decisions that a parent usually makes.

Discuss Adult Guardianship Or Child Guardianship With An Experienced Lawyer

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